Was Scotland's referendum rigged? | The Jackal

22 Sept 2014

Was Scotland's referendum rigged?

Things haven't gone well in Scotland after their historic referendum to choose whether they became independent from Britain or not.

As it turns out, an apparent majority of 55.3% chose to stay with mother England.

However, there has been a growing disquiet about the referendum and whether or not it was run properly.

Today, Time magazine reported:

They should know

Scotland’s historic election on independence did not meet international standards for constitutional referendums, the head of a Russian voting rights organization has said, with procedures that left the result subject to rigging and vote-tampering.

Here's a few of the video's that have surfaced, which allegedly show vote rigging:

Not looking too good there Scotland. Perhaps you might need to hold this very expensive referendum again, but this time with a bit more oversight and processes to ensure that this type of vote rigging doesn't occur again.

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