Media misrepresent the Greens | The Jackal

12 Sept 2014

Media misrepresent the Greens

It's unfortunate that our news agencies in New Zealand aren't even attempting to pretend to be impartial these days. Instead of reporting the news with the relevant facts and figures correctly portrayed, the mainstream media seems hell bent on twisting what people say to suit their own narrative.

Unfortunately news agencies like the NZ Herald, TVNZ and MediaWorks propagate a right wing agenda that is determined to undermine political parties that have the potential to change the government on September 20.

This type of biased reporting was clearly on display last night when One News reporter Corin Dann implied that the Green's were looking to form a coalition with the National party. Despite the Greens refuting such claims, the falsehood was again reported by 3 News today:

Green Party hints at independence 
As their chances of getting into government with Labour appear to be slipping away, the Green Party is looking to run a more independent campaign.

The Greens have always been independent, so what is 3 News talking about?

Here's Metiria Turei' tweet that clearly shows a coalition agreement between the Greens and National isn't on the table:

Furthermore, the Greens chances of forming a government with Labour and NZ First aren't "slipping away' at all. In fact all the political polls show that support for a change of government is increasing exponentially.

If that trend continues and we have a good turnout at the polling booths, which judging by the early voters is going to be the case, the National party and their dirty politics are out the door.

Perhaps that's the real reason behind the medias biased reporting, that they've become so comfortable with being provided information from National's black-ops team that they wouldn't know what to do with themselves if that line of communication was cut off.

Clearly the media and their watchdogs aren't willing to clean up their own underhanded dirty tactics. Therefore it's up to us citizens to ensure there's a change of government and a proper investigation into all the various aspects of National's undemocratic and unconstitutional behaviour.