‘Dirty Politics’ Symposium | The Jackal

9 Sept 2014

‘Dirty Politics’ Symposium

An academic discussion of the issues arising out Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics book that was held at the University of Otago on Friday 5 September.

Chaired by Professor Andrew Geddis (Law, University of Otago).

Media panel: Dr Rosemary Overell; Dr Holly Randell Moon; Dr Brett Nicholls and Dr John Farnsworth (Department of Media, Film and Communication, University of Otago)

Politics panel: Dr Bryce Edwards (Politics, U of O) and Professor Richard Jackson (National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, U of O). 

Law panel: Professor Paul Roth (Law, U of O) and Professor Ursula Cheer (Law, University of Canterbury)