Chalk one up to Cactus Kate | The Jackal

1 Sept 2014

Chalk one up to Cactus Kate

People must be getting the correct impression about now that Cameron Slater and Cathy Odger’s aren’t the smartest of bloggers.

Not only have we learnt that Slater is just a simple copy and paste hack, the leaked emails show that he's also an arrogant idiot who believed his Facebook communications with National party official’s like Aaron Bhatnagar and Jason Ede were never going to be read by anyone but themselves.

How stupid do you have to be to conspire with government officials on what was likely a completely insecure network?

That’s dumb enough, but the latest "mistake" by Slater’s accomplice Cathy Odger’s really takes the cake. It appears that Cactus Kate as she’s more commonly referred to, freaked out about what information might be released to the media that could implicate her and others in criminal activity.

Convincing herself that the Whaledump hacker already had an email that also appears to implicate Mark Hotchins, Carrick Graham and Judith Collins in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, Cactus sent it to the Prime Minister’s office as some sort of warning. Doh!

Talk about shooting your own team in the foot with a bazooka! The email was perhaps sent to the wrong address, (according to Matthew Hooton) shared by a low level National party staffer on Wednesday, the Prime Minister was apparently informed late Friday night and hey presto, Judith Collins had to resign on Saturday.

Thanks Cathy Odger’s...with friends like her, who really needs enemies?