The Jackal: 2015

24 Apr 2015

John Key is a creep!

This video provides a good timeline of John Key's hair pulling harassment. It also makes a mockery of all those National party apologists who are trying to minimize the Prime Ministers creepy actions. Clearly it's time for the embarrassing weirdo to resign!

21 Apr 2015

Why doesn't Len Brown grow a pair?

Anybody who has had dealings with Councils in New Zealand is likely aware that they’re not to be trusted. Instead of using ratepayers’ money to benefit their communities, most sitting members are simply there to feather their own nests.

The corruption within such institutions is difficult to expose, especially because there's no inclination by central government to clean things up. This lack of integrity and publicity means insider dealings and palm greasing is a prevailing occurrence, which anybody who has scratched the surface is likely all too aware of.

That appears to be the case concerning the Auckland Council and their continued failure to properly administer ratepayer’s investment in the Ports of Auckland.

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Port presses on with extensions

Mayor takes a ‘relaxed approach’ to work, but opponents say the company is arrogant and insubordinate.

Last night Mayor Len Brown was taking a relaxed approach to the work at the port, saying a council request to halt work was still under consideration.

"Until a decision is made, we understand that some work will continue in line with contracts that the port company has in place with construction companies," said Mr Brown.

Mr Hawkins said work was proceeding while the company sought clarification on a couple of issues in a letter from Auckland Council Investments Ltd (ACIL).

The council has written to ACIL, who in turn has passed on the message to the ports to halt works on the wharf extensions until a wide-ranging study of the port is done.

"Our obligations under the Companies Act are a different set of obligations they [ACIL] have got and there is quite a debate in terms of how those obligations fall on us," Mr Hawkins said.

Firstly, it seems a bit far-fetched that the Auckland Council is claiming that they weren’t aware of the plan to expand the port. The contract between the Council, ACIL and POAL specifically states that the Council must be notified about any such developments.

Either POAL failed to properly adhere to the terms and conditions of their employment or the Council is telling lies! On one hand we have grandstanding Councillor’s saying that POAL should be fired, in essence trying to distance themselves from the mess, and on the other we have a feckless Mayor saying he now doesn’t really give a shit!

What I would like to know is why doesn’t Len Brown just grow a pair? Fire the POAL and start again with a new plan that utilizes a transparent and publicly notified process. Otherwise Auckland's harbour will just end up a big mess, which will cost far more in the long run to fix.

2 Feb 2015

Key knew before election that Sabin had to resign

It should come as no surprise to those in the know that the National party will stoop to any level to ensure their re-election. Clearly the dirty rotten scoundrels would do pretty much anything to retain power, because it has utterly corrupted them.

That appears to be the case with Mike Sabin, who has had to resign because he is accused of assault.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, knew about the complaint against Sabin sometime before the last election. He had a chance to stand Sabin down, but obviously didn’t want another major scandal on his hands so close to voters going to the polls.

Today, 3 News reported:

Sabin 'could have been a minister' - Key

Former National Northland MP Mike Sabin who resigned suddenly last week could have been a future Cabinet minister, Prime Minister John Key says.

Mr Sabin announced his resignation effective immediately for "personal issues that were best dealt with outside Parliament".

It comes following reports Mr Sabin was under police investigation, but police, Mr Key and Mr Sabin are not commenting on the case.

Instead of being up front about the charges, along with the help of certain biased journalists, John Key is once again using the scandal to promote himself and his defunct party.

It appears that this is just another chance for him to be airbrushed by the mainstream media, which makes the details of what Sabin stands accused of so much worse.

Mr Key said on Friday he knew of the resignation the day before the announcement, and had not seen Mr Sabin since before Christmas.

He knew about Mr Sabin's personal issues in the last week of the Parliamentary term last year, he told Radio New Zealand.

"I didn’t have any great information about those personal and family matters prior to that and even when I was aware of those, I'm often aware of people having personal family matters," he said.

I really don’t see how John Key can label what is likely multiple sexual assaults a “personal issue”. Being that Mike Sabin’s victim is rumoured to be a minor, this is far worse than just having a few “family matters” to deal with, especially because Mike Sabin is a public official with considerable powers at his indiscretion. In light of this information, to have John Key lament about Sabin's lost career is despicable!

It appears that the National party is once again abusing their power and controlling the biased media to try and cover-up what Sabin is accused of.

Being that Sabin is also an ex police officer, it stands to reason that they would be willing to help hush things up as well, which is the exact opposite of what should happen. Of course the victim needs to be protected through name suppression. But when the abuser is such a high profile official, the truth needs to be properly reported on.

Clearly John Key knew what Sabin was accused of prior to the election. Instead of coming clean he allowed Sabin to stand for parliament anyway. That makes this case a public issue, whereby the National party has brought the house of representatives into disrepute by allowing somebody accused of such a heinous crime to become an elected official.

Once the good people of Northland find out the truth, National’s safe blue seat may just change colour.

28 Jan 2015

Nationals housing failure

After some bad press about the cost of living in New Zealand, the National party is looking at ways to recover the upper hand on social policy initiatives.

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

State of the Nation: John Key's plan to boost housing

The Government's stated goal last term was for 20 per cent of the country's social housing to be provided by non-government organisations by 2017.

It has extended subsidies to approved social housing providers, which allows them to charge income-related rents (no more than 25 per cent of net income) for people with high needs in the same way that Housing New Zealand does.

It has also introduced reviewable tenancies to get away from any expectation that a state house is for life.

"We are taking these new approaches in social housing because we don't think the old system worked as well as it could do for tenants or indeed for taxpayers," Mr Key said yesterday after his first Cabinet meeting of the year.

It appears that Nationals "solution" is to increase competition for existing private housing stock while selling off around 13,600 Housing NZ's houses to private institutions, which are worth approximately $18.6 billion in total.

This asset sale will assuredly do nothing about New Zealand’s declining home ownership rate and lack of affordable quality housing. In fact it will make things worse by exerting even more pressure on the overheated private housing market.

Mr Key is today expected to outline ways for approved housing providers to increase their social housing stock.

"Our focus has been on getting a more diverse and fairer housing system that works better for tenants."

Of course National’s real policy is to ensure that those currently renting are trapped in the poverty cycle forever, whereby they can never hope to save enough for a deposit on their own home. Clearly increasing competition in the private sector will push prices further out of reach.

John Key’s latest window dressing policy suits National’s secret agenda perfectly; by ensuring that the pool of renters increases thereby ensuring profits for their property speculator mates continue to flow unabated.

Mr Key said there was no housing "crisis" and the Government's policies were aimed at increasing supply.

John Key doesn’t think the current housing problem is a crisis because he’s a deluded fool! Clearly the increased competition, both domestic and international, for investment property ensures that many Kiwis will miss out.

This group of people includes baby boomers who weren’t lucky enough to purchase a house when the prices were comparatively low. They include generation X Y and Z who are struggling to save a deposit because of low wages and the high cost of living. These Kiwis generally vote, which makes housing one of the biggest political issues of today.

To continue to expect this large group of people to compete with speculators, government backed private institutions and international property investors, some having access to unlimited resources, is quite simply idiotic!

The policy changes that National is proposing will ensure that more New Zealander’s become tenants without hope of ever attaining the Kiwi dream of home ownership. It will ensure the continued degradation and over-inflation of our housing stock.