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19 Sept 2014

Media ignores Ombudsman overruling Key

We all should be aware by now about the biased media in New Zealand and their various tactics to promote their preferred political party, which is invariably John Key's National party.

Not only does the mainstream media portray the Prime Minister and his henchmen incorrectly, they often fail to even report on some of the more interesting aspects of National's undemocratic if not illegal activity.

One such example was clearly apparent when NewsTalkZB updated their article with a re-write that made John Key not appear so manipulative. But if that wasn't bad enough, nearly all of the other major news agencies have completely failed to even report on this most serious and pressing issue.

Yesterday, NewsTalkZB reported:

Ombudsman overrules Key over naming of staffer 
Updated 3.30pm: John Key has named the staff member in his office who was briefed by the SIS over the release of emails to blogger Cameron Slater.

Following an intervention by the Chief Ombudsman, the prime minister has identified him as former deputy chief of staff Phil De Joux.

The Prime Minister had previously said he would not release the name as it was not in the public interest, however the Ombudsman overruled him.

This sort of corruption doesn't happen every day, and is therefore of great public interest and should be properly reported on. So why hasn't it been? The NZ Herald in particular looks very conspicuous because of their lack of reporting on this issue.

Labour believes the latest developments in the SIS OIA release to blogger Cameron Slater proves the Prime Minister has had something to hide.

Demands are being made for the PM's former chief of staff to front an inquiry into how the SIS released information to blogger Cameron Slater.

Labour MP Phil Goff, who was the subject of briefing papers released by the SIS, says Mr De Joux now needs to go before the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security's inquiry to explain his role.

"Clearly it was leaked to Whaleoil, and if Mr de Joux was the person who was briefed then he must be the prime suspect, for having leaked that information."

This is why we need a proper and all encompassing investigation into the National party. Such an investigation cannot be left up to those who are implicated in undemocratic activity to determine its scope and who exactly is investigated.

Labour Leader David Cunliffe says it proves the manipulations went to the highest levels of Mr Key's office.

"The public has a right to know when the Prime Minister's Deputy Chief of Staff is giving instructions or requests to the SIS. This is a sensitive role, it must be above board and beyond reproach. He must have kept Mr de Joux's name secret because he is such a senior staffer."

I couldn't agree more…the voting public does have a right to know. In fact we should have been informed ages ago about the National parties undemocratic actions. The fact that we weren't indicates that not only has our government let us down, so has their watchdogs, the media.

Mr Key says the Ombudsman’s ruling is fine by him.

"Totally comfortable with that, the only reason we didn't name names is just simply because these people handle sensitive information, and in the case of Phil de Joux he now works in the private sector."

Mr De Joux finished working for the Prime Minister in 2012.

I'm sorry Mr Prime Minister, but your excuses just don't stack up. The voting public has a right to know who within the National party is making decisions that disregard parliamentary rules and New Zealand law.

If we don't have some exposure and transparency concerning National's misconduct, the corrupt practices highlighted by Nicky Hager's exceptional book, Dirty Politics, will be allowed to continue to undermine our democracy…and that, I conclude, is something which must not be allowed to occur.