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13 Sept 2014

Spin Hooton spin

It's been amusing to watch the right wing propagandists scurrying around looking for any tiny piece of information to use against left wing commentators in an attempt to bolster their own inadequacies.

Not only do we have despicable people like Cameron Slater claiming that they've won in the High Court when they clearly haven't, we also still have to put up with the spin-doctoring of idiots like David Farrar and Matthew Hooton who seem determined to carry on like the Dirty Politics saga never happened.

Hooton, who is perhaps the most deluded and deceitful right winger out there, has recently been mocking The Daily Blog and The Standard for not publishing the Jason Ede files. He's claiming that if these blogs don't produce the goods then there probably aren't any Jason Ede communications with the National party attack bloggers at all.

Here's a few of Hooton's tweets to that effect:

Unfortunately for the moronic Matthew Hooton we already know that there are communications between Jason Ede and National's attack bloggers…not just because Nicky Hager outlines it in his groundbreaking book, Dirty Politics, but also because the Prime Minister has confirmed that Ede was directly briefing David Farrar and Cameron Slater on ways to attack the opposition.

On August 18, the NZ Herald reported:

John Key: Ede 'briefing the bloggers'

Prime Minister John Key says a staff member has been "briefing the bloggers" but has distanced himself from Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, saying: "He's not my guy."

The comments on Radio New Zealand this morning come after Nicky Hager's new book, Dirty Politics, revealed Mr Key's close adviser Jason Ede had worked with bloggers Slater and David Farrar on "attack politics".

Asked if he was aware that Mr Ede was running a dirty tricks campaign from his office, Mr Key said: "He's been briefing bloggers, and of course he briefs people on the right, just as people I'm sure in the Labour leadership, over the years, have briefed people on the left."

So where does that leave Hooton's claim that there are no Jason Ede communications? Not only is Hooton a bold faced liar, he has such a weak grasp of reality that he would argue against something that is clearly factual.

The Jason Ede files obviously exist and whether they're produced before or after the election by the media, the government or Rawshark will say a lot about our democracies functionality.