The Jackal: October 2022

2 Oct 2022

Wayne Brown - Arsehole of the Week

You’ve got to wonder at the mental capacity of Auckland Mayoral candidate, Wayne Brown, after he was exposed airing his childish grievances about senior NZ Herald reporter, Simon Wilson. I mean what exactly makes Mr Brown think that such disgusting comments are warranted, let alone to Newshub reporters who are duty bound to expose the arrogant narcissist for what he truly is?

Yesterday, Newshub reported:

Auckland Mayoral candidate Wayne Brown caught on camera saying he wants to glue pictures of journalist on urinals so people can 'pee on him'

Auckland Mayoral candidate Wayne Brown has been caught on camera calling a NZ Herald journalist a "prick", saying he was going to glue "little pictures of him on all the urinals" so people could "pee on him" if elected.

Brown made the comments while Newshub was filming with him this week and were played during Newshub Nation's Auckland Mayoral debate on Saturday.

His comments were directed at NZ Herald journalist Simon Wilson.

When asked about the comments during the debate, Brown told host Rebecca Wright: "I didn't mean to say it and I certainly didn't mean to do it in a way that would become public... and I'm sure he's said a few things about me that he probably didn't want to have public either."

The comments were made while Brown was being filmed as part of an interview with a Newshub journalist and he was wearing a microphone at the time.

The really sad thing here is that Brown’s egregious comments aren’t going to automatically disqualify him from being a mayoral candidate. That’s the unfortunate nature of politics in New Zealand…that you only need to be a wealthy white guy to gain a large chunk of unwarranted and unearned support from a largely self-centered electorate.

However Brown’s advisors, Matthew Hooton and National Party aligned strategist Tim Hurdle, must be rolling in their ideological graves right now. With another campaign disaster on his hands, Hooton in particularly is getting a name for himself as the man without the Midas touch. In fact the only good campaign move Hooton has ever made was to resign from Judith Collins’ clutches.

The right wing obviously has a serious problem with online campaigning, which seems highly adept at exposing their inanity and defunct belief systems. However the power of the Internet is somewhat limited when we’re talking about a NewstalkZB listening voter base that prefers to reside in privileged ignorance!

There’s no doubt that right wing supporters will dismiss Brown’s juvenile statements just like they ignored National Party MP Michael Woodhouse’s similar immaturity. But only the truly deluded could forget how Woodhouse proudly posed with a toilet seat that displayed former Labour MP Clare Curran’s face on it.

In 2020, the NZ Herald reported:

Labour MP Clare Curran reveals 'traumatised' impact of 'dirty politics' campaign

Outgoing MP Clare Curran says an image of a National MP posed with a toilet emblazoned with her face on it left her feeling "traumatised" and suffering from "humiliation".

Curran announced last year she would not re-stand at this year's election, closing a 12-year career in Parliament.

The outgoing Labour MP has revealed the alleged dirty politics she said was targeted with, and the toll it took emotionally as her political career came tumbling down, in an interview published today on The Spinoff.

The worst of it was in 2012, when she was sent photos from the National Party's Mainland Region conference, one showing fellow Dunedin-based MP, National's Michael Woodhouse, posed with a blue toilet seat with her face emblazoned on it.

The seat was reportedly used as a trophy for a debating competition.

In my opinion, those who revel in the sewer should have no place within our political institutions. In fact such gutter politics must be relegated and consigned to history. That’s why Wayne Brown should do the right thing and bow out of the race to become Auckland’s next Mayor. He won’t, which clearly makes him a complete and utter Arsehole!