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3 Sept 2014

Put up or shut up

It has been amusing to watch John Key attempt to wriggle his way out of the Dirty Politics saga. At first he tried to pretend there was nothing going on and even though he hadn't read Nicky Hager's book, claimed it was all lies! However, when it became apparent that a lot of people were interested in what the National party and their attack bloggers were up to, the PM pathetically dismissed the allegations in the book as some sort of "left wing smear campaign" and a "conspiracy" to steal the election from National. What a goober!

John Key not accepting reality isn't cutting the mustard for National. In fact polling now shows that a majority of voters believe what the book and its corroborating emails are telling us. Clearly the Prime Minister's excuses and diversions aren't working, which is especially the case now that Judith Collins has had to resign.

On one hand we have John Key, various government Ministers, their staff and attack bloggers like Cameron Slater and David Farrar all claiming that Nicky Hager's book is a fiction, and then on the other hand we have a senior Cabinet Minister having to resign because of the facts.

Desperate for a way out of their predicament, those implicated in the Dirty Politics scandal have stupidly started to threaten legal action, even though they haven't got a leg to stand on. First we had the muckraker at the centre of Dirty Politics, Cameron Slater tweeting:

Another National party propagandist, David Farrar, also claimed:

Then on August 26, the NZ Herald reported:

Mr Mitchell said Mr Lusk had given him guidance on speeches and brochures.

"He was never working for me, he's never had an official role with me." Mr Lusk could not be reached for comment.

Mr Mitchell said the narrative in Dirty Politics was completely false, and he was considering legal action.

Just Yesterday, United Future's Peter Dunne tweeted:

Also yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

Ms Collins said she had "no record" of "Facebook conversations" after the Herald sent her material supplied by Rawshark. "I believe you have forged documents. You are likely to have been taken in by a criminal. I am now considering lodging a complaint to police regarding what I believe to be forgeries."

To date, no defamation proceedings have been undertaken by these idiots...the obvious conclusion being that everything within Nicky Hager's book, Dirty Politics, is a true and a factual account of what the right wing has been up to.

Knowing the details are correct, Judith Collins et al aren't going to lodge false police complaints, because they realise that such investigations will unearth even more of their underhanded and undemocratic activity and likely result in them facing further charges.