Who is Jordan Williams? | The Jackal

4 Sept 2014

Who is Jordan Williams?

Jordan Williams is another pathetic piece of dirty PR consultant trash who works closely with the discredited attack blogger Cameron Slater. Along with Simon Lusk and others, they're the inner cabal of muckrakers who promote the right wings Dirty Politics agenda which has in effect undermined our once great and decent democracy.

Jordan Williams has also set himself up as the Executive Director of the so-called Taxpayers' Union, which is a hard right wing lobby group that promotes the National and Act parties socially destructive agenda.

The Taxpayers' Union was meant to justify the outgoing government's cuts to taxpayer funded entities and councils. They were meant to stop wasteful spending, but have instead spent their time justifying wasteful spending by what is obviously a corrupt right wing government.

Today, the despicable spin-doctor attempted to divert people's attention away from yet another release of information by Rawshark using the twitter account @Whaledump2 that further implicates the propagandist's and various government officials in disgusting smear campaigns run by and on behalf of the National party and other big business interests:

A few minutes later the claim was robustly refuted:

What this shows is that the "Labour source" dickheads like Jordan Williams, Cameron Slater and David Farrar often point to in an attempt to discredit Labour is just a figment of their rather childish imaginations.

The fake insider giving information to be used against Labour doesn't exist, because anybody who actively and regularly leaked information from a political party like Labour would be found out and given the boot.

The sad truth of the matter is that the right wings propagandists have run out of ideas. They're making the same old tired moves while the truth about their Dirty Politics inexorably and inevitably destroys them and the unprincipled political parties they represent.