The Civilian Party Closing Address | The Jackal

19 Sept 2014

The Civilian Party Closing Address

Tomorrow, we need your vote, New Zealand. Not just for us. Not just so that we can be in government. But also for you; so that you may have ice cream, a llama for your child, freedom from Hamilton, and a society in which we can all be kind of happy and not dead.

And most importantly of all, so that parties like ours - serious, substantive parties - in the great tradition of the Imperial British Conservative Party, McGillicuddy Serious, Bill and Ben, and ACT, may continue to thrive and flourish, that they may continue to exist in future and be recognised as an important part of our democratic process.

Those aren't just carefully crafted political words, New Zealand. That is the actual reason, clear as day, that a vote for the Civilian Party tomorrow can and should make a difference.