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29 Sept 2014

Peter Williams - Hero of the Week

There are not many lawyers who I respect. However, that's not the case with Peter Williams, who is clearly one of the good guys.

Not only has this highly experienced Queen's Council worked tirelessly to uphold the law, he has also been outspoken on many issues of significance to all of us.

Here's Peter Williams talking with Selwyn Manning about the GCSB's unlawful activity:

Unfortunately Williams has the big C, with yesterday's Sunday program reporting:

Peter Williams QC is fighting a force he's never before encountered. It's cancer. And for this 79-year-old criminal defence lawyer, it's one of his biggest trials yet.

And it's one of those moments he says that "you realise how precious life is. People take it for granted when you're young, you think you're going to live forever."

But despite a difficult prognosis, Williams never has given up easily and has a track record to prove it. For over 50 years, he's defended some of our country's worst criminals - rapists, murderers and drug traffickers. He says he even liked many of them.

I'm sure his unbiased approach annoyed the hell out of many people. One thing the get tough on criminals crowd needs to understand is that everybody has rights, no matter what they might have done.

This is something that Peter Williams obviously understands. Through his advocacy for prisoner's rights and work as the president of the Howard League for Penal Reform, Williams has undoubtedly challenged our entire justice system and in so doing made it better.

That's why Peter Williams wins this week's Hero Award.