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9 Sept 2014

Presenting Cameron Slater

Here's a few of the more repugnant quotes from John Key's mate and National party attack blogger, Cameron Slater:

Those suburbs are hard core Labour...the owners will be Nat voters though and the voters tenants, so the houses are gone and the scum are gone too, and they should get nothing.

just emailed the press council asking how to join. if i join everything the cunts won't be able to touch me.

and the cunt has been told by Jason to bite his fucking tongue because National needs attack dogs like me to play nicely.

Pullar is a lying bitch

She is going to get ratfucked hard.

They are uncouth, they are scum who should be gut-shot and left to die. They have no respect they are opportunists and did I mention scum. I think the Police need a SOS policy Shoot on Sight for looter and thieves.

They have prob­a­bly been remanded in cus­tody to pro­tect them from being tarred and feathered then stoned to death. Instead of cus­tody couldn’t some stocks be made from some recy­cled tim­ber that is lying around all over the place.

Orewa isn't in his electorate. bugger…still lots of old cunts though.

cactus says Bhatty needs to groe the fuck up and realise that fat indians with a BA in Russian are no good in politics and the only reason he has any chance is because daddy's rich and nearly dead

Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour.

if they didn;t have cunts we'd chuck rocks at them

Charming! You can see why John Key uses this guy as his confidant.