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History: The Jackal Blogsite was started on Feb 23, 2011 and is run by an anonymous blogger from New Zealand.

Affiliations: Being completely open is particularly relevant considering claims that The Jackal belongs to or works for various political parties. Contributors to the Jackal are not associated with any political organization and are not members of any political party. The Jackal is a completely independent entity developed to encourage alternative viewpoints.

Articles: Articles cover various topics from environmentalism to political correctness and society in general. 

The Jackal runs a regular post entitled Arsehole of the Week Award, which is given to somebody who is currently in the media spotlight for illegal or immoral behavior.

Websites: The Jackal also maintains a site that monitors the RSS feeds of many leftwing New Zealand blogsites; Leftwing Blog, well known worldwide mainstream media services; Media Monitor, and a site for keeping up to date on worldwide environmental reports and statistics; Earth Monitor. All of these sites utilize the Blogger publishing service.

Copyright: All content on The Jackal is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution CC By license