Shane Jones for the chop? | The Jackal

18 May 2012

Shane Jones for the chop?

Close on the heels of revelations that John Banks offered to be a "very good friend" of Kim Dotcom once he was back in Parliament if the German multimillionaire gave the Act party leader a mega donation, comes another story of political influence that further undermines the publics perception of our politicians.

Today, Fairfax reported:

A Chinese millionaire on trial in the High Court at Auckland for fraud boasted to immigration officials that he had MP friends who would ensure he got citizenship.

The high-ranking officials were stunned when then Cabinet minister Shane Jones approved the application one day after getting his file. They were certain Yong Ming Yan, also known as Bill Liu, who had been red-flagged by Interpol, stood little chance.

But Yan leaned back in his chair, with his arms behind his head, and said he was 99 per cent confident he would get citizenship, the court was told yesterday.

"He said he had a lot of support from members of Parliament ... he was going to take them to China," Internal Affairs case officer Olele Johannes Gambo said.

If proven, the allegation of special treatment would be serious enough to warrant investigation by the police.

Yan was granted citizenship by Mr Jones in 2008, after officials repeatedly told him that Yan failed a required good character test, the court was told.

Mr Gambo said that when Yan was told he could not have citizenship, he said friends in Parliament would ensure he got it.

Jones needs to step up to the plate on this matter and explain the reason behind his decision to allow somebody who was wanted by Interpol to gain New Zealand residency?

Although the incident happened four years ago, the issue is still pertinent and somebody needs to be held to account.

Labour should not adopt the same low standards as those held by the National party, which if allowed to continue will result in the complete moral decay of our government.

Silence on these issues isn't going to make them go away either, it will simply compound the problem of the public perceiving politicians in general to be unscrupulous and able to be bought by the highest bidder.

If Labour wants to see the same growth in support they must have the same principles as those adhered to by the Greens.