I want you to riot | The Jackal

26 May 2012

I want you to riot

Yesterday, the Dominion Post reported:

English this morning told a business audience at the ANZ post-Budget breakfast in Wellington that most people thought students "got a pretty fair go" and they "should count themselves lucky that they've still got interest free loans".

"Yes, there's a protest movement out there but who's really listening to them?" English said, in response to a question from the audience.

"They get on TV and they can make a bit of a racket ... dragging a few rubbish bins around, they need some Greeks to show them how to do it," he said.

"It gets reported, mainly because it blocked the traffic, [but] who's listening? Most people actually think the students got a pretty fair go and they should count themselves lucky that they've still got interest free loans and get on with it because, you know, get your training finished and get a job and start contributing."

What a condescending dickhead! National might not be listening to the protestors but there are plenty of New Zealander's who are. Taunting them to undertake violence in the streets en masse is about as stupid as it gets. Take your fingers out of your arrogant rightwing ears Bill English.