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11 May 2012

Key doesn't care

Today, stuff reported:

Stories of children scavenging through pig slops and downing entire bottles of antibiotics out of hunger are an "embarrassment to the country" says a Kaitaia GP.

Doctor Lance O'Sullivan said he had been doing what he could to fight the effects of child-poverty in his region but it sometimes felt like an uphill battle.

"I'd like to say they were just stories, but they are both cases that have been brought to my attention and one I actually attended on."

O'Sullivan said for things to change, "people actually needed to hear about this".

He said he was recently told by the concerned owner of a local garage that children were ferreting through a staff-room pig bucket of scraps looking for food, and about six months ago treated a young child who drank an entire bottle of antibiotics because they were hungry.

This is a clear result of National's failed policies that have detrimentally impacted on the poor.

People should feel outraged that this sort of thing is going on in this country. We used to be one of the best places in the world to raise kids, but not anymore... New Zealand under a National government is going backwards fast:

More unemployment, the fastest growing inequality of all OECD countries, more debt, less home ownership, more suicides, increasing third world diseases, more people leaving permanently to live overseas, increasing corruption and hence more social disintegration.

The only thing National seems to have on it’s statistical side is that the crime rate is falling… but hold on a sec, that’s a worldwide trend and has very little to do with their policies.

All that dysfunction is thanks to neo-liberalist cretins like John Key.