Budget spin | The Jackal

26 May 2012

Budget spin

To justify all the budget cuts National is currently undertaking, yesterday John Key said:

We've maintained working for families; interest free student loans; we've insulated hundreds thousands of homes; we've doubled the amount money going to rheumatic fever. I don't think by any measure people can seriously say that this isn't a government that is really trying to help all sectors of the of the community.

Well that makes it all OK then eh John!

But seriously now... Along with increasing inequality which is causing a prevalence of third world diseases, National are going to tax kids, increase class sizes, implement harsher asset testing for elderly in residential care, extend work testing for the DPB, put a freeze on funding for Early Childhood Education, make student loan repayments tougher, remove student allowances for all post-graduate study and increase prescription charges.

Basically Key is saying it's OK that National has punched the country in the guts, because they haven't kicked New Zealander's in the head... yet!