Police extend olive branch | The Jackal

10 May 2012

Police extend olive branch

Yesterday, the Police reported:

The Commissioner of Police, Peter Marshall, and Tuhoe spokesperson, Tamati Kruger, said a meeting in Rotorua this afternoon had been a good initial step towards the future for Police and Tuhoe tribe relations.

In a joint statement Mr Marshall and Mr Kruger said the meeting was essentially a private one solely focussed on having the Police and Tuhoe leaders in the same room to talk.

It's good to see that the police are willing to extend the olive branch and be proactive in repairing relations with Ngāi Tūhoe after the disaster that was anti-terror raids.

Hopefully the police have learnt their lesson and instead of going ballistic about a few unregistered guns, will simply let the local cops have a word with those they suspect of breaking the law.

It would certainly save a lot of tax payer dollars with some estimating the financial cost at $14 million. What a waste of money.