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10 May 2012

Crusty old Slater

Today, Whailoil reported:

So Labour hates employers and thinks they are parasites, and now it appears that their youth wing, in Palmerston North hates progress.

Stupid! The post then displays a picture of a white board that says:

Hate progress? So do we! Get involved Young Labour.

Slater holds this up as proof that the Young Natz are caning Young Labour. How pathetic! The Young Natz haven't posted anything in over a month and their schedule is a joke!

Common name: slaters, pill bugs, sow bugs, woodlice, Maori papapa.
Slaters belong to the order Isopoda, which is a part of the arthropod class Crustacea. Most crustaceans – shrimp, crabs, lobsters, as well as many Isopoda – are marine dwellers, but slaters (suborder Oniscoidea) have become fully terrestrial. Terrestrial Isopoda vary slightly in appearance, but most are conspicuous and easily recognised by their elliptical, flattened segmented bodies.

Slaters are mainly scavengers. They are omnivorous, feeding on a variety of decaying vegetation, tree bark, rotting wood, fecal matter, etc. Slaters may also graze on fungi associated with decay, or consume dead animal matter, such as dead insects.