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11 May 2012

Act party - Asshole of the Week

Yesterday Last year, stuff reported:

Race relations dominated today's ACT party conference with one delegate suggesting the party should introduce a policy to ''shoot the natives.''

The comment came as guest speaker Don Brash outlined why he thought the Treaty of Waitangi was ahead of its time.

''I'm not someone who wants to scrap the Treaty. I think it's a fantastic document. It was a move that was well ahead of it's time.

''In 1840, when the British colonial power arrived in Australia...[the policy] was to shoot the natives.''

One member piped up: ''Lets bring it back.'' The remark was met with a groan.

This is actually a matter for the police being that it's currently against the law to promote violence against other people and morally defunct to make such a statement about an entire race of people.

Racism is entirely repugnant to most New Zealanders and should not be accepted on any level especially from within a political party.

So for promoting murder and being racist little assholes, the Act party wins this week's award.