Keys radio therapy | The Jackal

15 May 2012

Keys radio therapy

Today, the Prime Minister of New Zealand accused the media of becoming more aggressive, hostile, and antagonistic towards his Government.

What Key is actually accusing the media of is being biased when they report factual articles that are disparaging of National's policy and performance. This is clearly designed to displace criticism away from the government, and instead onto some sort of theoretical media fabrication based on second-termitis.

It's a classic play by a manipulator, and frankly shouldn't be believed.

Although there has been an increase in reporting that highlights the governments failure to create jobs, stop the exodus to Australia and pay off debt etc, the only ones to blame for that is the government... because they are indeed failing to produce what they promised.

If you can stand the smarmy little conman, here is the NewstalkZB interview where Key claims the media is turning against him.

...and then the denial where Key claims he wasn't slamming the media.

In my opinion the MSM often fail to report on much of National's dysfunction that currently pervades and cripples New Zealand's functionality.

What we're seeing is a very small shift away from the usual propaganda and towards factual reporting and accountability... and that's what Key really doesn't like.