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29 May 2012

Increasing poverty

Today, the Waikato Times reported:

Children living in poverty are taking desperate measures to feed and clothe themselves at Waikato schools as families struggle to provide for their most basic needs.

In one case, a young boy without a winter jersey was told to steal one from the lost property by his mum because she couldn't afford to buy one, and another principal caught a child scavenging through rubbish bins for food. Experts warn that, with winter approaching, the problem will only get worse.

Rhode Street School principal Shane Ngatai said he was disturbed to hear a boy at his school had been told to steal a winter jersey, or go without.

"We're seeing a number of them getting pinched," he said. Kids are also coming to school wearing worn out shoes or barefoot, and hungry.

Auckland Now also reported:

At least 1000 Auckland children are "lost" to the education system with 70 per cent of youth offenders not engaged with school at all, a new report reveals.

Poverty is so bad some children are growing up sharing small homes with other families - one family to a room.

The sad findings are contained in a report to Mayor Len Brown, called The Children and Young People of Auckland, which includes insights from a Youth Court judge, the office of the Children's Commissioner and youth panels and advocacy groups.

Clearly there's no brighter future for poor people in New Zealand under the current government. In fact things are getting decidedly worse with the failed policy direction of National's socially destructive agenda.

That's because the Prime Minister John Key is a conscience free zone, with fake concern only skin deep. His sincerity is all media training, and I sometimes wonder if he's a human being at all?

The Children and Young People of Auckland (PDF).