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23 May 2012

National has failed

Tomorrow is budget day when National will announce their plans that will amount to naught. It will contain austerity and budget cuts all rolled up in doublespeak, propaganda and outright lies to try to trick the public into thinking the rightwing agenda is working. Well it isn't... and New Zealand is going down the drain faster than ever before.

Today, the Dominion Post reported:

The Government will say that, although this year is tough, the future looks better. That's what it always says.

In 2009 the prime minister promised: "This budget will start making the long- term changes that National promised to make and that are needed to lift New Zealand's long-term economic performance."

In 2010 he said: "In the end, this was a budget about growth, a budget about jobs, a budget about the future of New Zealand."

Last year he said it again: "The budget is likely to see very strong growth in real wages for New Zealanders . . . very strong job growth; and a much stronger economic outlook for New Zealand."

Every year National makes the same promise. And every year it fails to keep it.

                        ~ David Parker Labour finance spokesperson.

Parker is right... National has made promise after broken promise that they had no intention of keeping. And why are their projections continuously incorrect you might ask, surely they cannot be that inept at forecasting future economic changes? Well the answer is that they're devious and know there is more to gain from lying to the public than telling the truth... National has failed!

H/T The Standard