Good riddance to racist scum | The Jackal

8 May 2012

Good riddance to racist scum

Yesterday, the Southland Times reported:

The ACT Party's most generous donor, Southland millionaire Louis Crimp, says he is sticking by the party despite the fact that he once labelled its sole MP and scandal-embroiled leader John Banks "a twerp".

The main problem with Act isn't that they're all a bunch of corrupt bigots, it's that they all hate each other. You cannot hope to have a functional political party with so many back stabbers and narcissists trying to run the show, it simply doesn't work.

The same can be said for Act supporters, who typify the old white and hateful people that most New Zealanders try to avoid. Crimp is a perfect example of this, putting his racism above any accountability for the party he supports.

Mr Crimp said ACT had to make its Maori affairs and tax policies more prominent, blaming their lack of presence in the election campaign for its poor results.

He is known for his combative and outspoken stance on both issues and has called for the Treaty of Waitangi to be scrapped.

"I gave them $100,000 to do something about the Maoris," he said.

His gift had backfired because Dr Brash chose to make treaty issues only No. 10 in the party's priorities, he said.

Scrap the founding document of New Zealand? Do something about Maori people? Fascists like Crimp and the party he supports would only be happy with a final solution, and that my friends is the real reason Act has died.

The latest debacle will be the thing to drive a stake through its cold dead carcass. Good riddance to racist scum.