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3 Nov 2011

Worst Blog Post of the Year Award

A few months ago, Cameron Slater decided to give me shit for misspelling the word hypocrisy in a tweet.

He used this one misspelled word to ignore my numerous tweets questioning his reasoning. He then showed he is a coward by blocking my twitter account from seeing his feed.

And yesterday, sulky pants decided to write another pathetic post in yet another failed attempt to discredit Trevor Mallard, by claiming he couldn't spell.

So in light of the sheer stupidity of right wing blogger's, here's a couple of excerpts from posts from today where Cameron Slater and David Farrar appear to be channelling Golem or Parseltongue, or maybe just failing to spell check in their rabid pre-election blogging frenzy:
Cameron Slater - Probably because instead of doing what they promises and focussing on policy they instead went personal and they went nasty.
David Farrar - This will be welcome by anyone whose had to waits years to get a yes or no to a development.
Interesting that after I awarded Whale Oil Beef Hooked with the Worst Blog Post of the Year Award, sulky pants has subsequently removed the defamatory article. It's best that I don't link to it anyway... it was that bad.