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30 Nov 2011

Another prison death

Today, Ian Steward reported for stuff Prisoner's last plea for help ignored

A woman who died of a heart condition in an Auckland prison hit her cell emergency alarm before her death but prison guards ignored the call for help.

The inquest into the death of Anna Selina Kingi, at the Auckland Coroner's Court yesterday, heard that the 41-year-old was found dead in her cell at Auckland Regional Women's Facility more than an hour after she activated her alarm.

A guard, whose name was suppressed, said she heard the alarm on November 10, 2008, but she was very busy so she just asked through the intercom if everything was alright.

When there was no answer, the female prison officer decided to ignore it.

Another guard told police that rather than make her cell check rounds, she fastened her digital ID to a broom handle and reached up and swiped the card over a sensor to make it look like she had done her rounds.

Kingi, a mother of seven and grandmother of one from Hamilton, had been in prison for just under a month when she died.

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Despicable! This is a clear cut case of manslaughter, but I bet nobody will be charged.

What is even worse is the mainstream media failing to report on this. Instead they ran a story about a mother retaliating against her daughter's bullies.

It's yet another coverup to protect the Crown, who's ultimately responsible for the lack of proper procedures and training that should ensure such things do not happen.