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9 Nov 2011

National's Election Hoarding's 11

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In April Duncan Garner reported:
Mr Brash and Mr Hide have been personal friends for 15 years, however for Mr Brash, politics has come first.

"Sometimes in politics you have to put friendships to one side," he says.

Mr Brash has stabbed Mr Hide in the front not the back - but he says it had to happen.

"I want to save the party not kill it," Mr Brash says.
A horizon poll put voter support at 5.3% in May.

Then in September, Don Brash said he wanted marijuana decriminalised:
''I have to say, after long and painstaking reflection, I have come to have serious questions about our current marijuana laws,'' Brash said.

''Apparently, a majority of New Zealanders think this law is an ass.''
On Monday John Key said:
"ACT have been very stable, so ACT returning to Parliament is something I'd like to see as opposed to something I wouldn't like to see."
Act are currently polling around 1%.