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2 Nov 2011

Redneck - Asshole of the Week Award

I'm not sure why the New Zealand Police didn’t move to disband the Occupy protest in Dunedin last night after a trespass notice was issued. Perhaps the Police are leaving the protestors alone because we’re currently entrenched within an election campaign and manhandling peaceful protestors is not a good look.

Authorities were previously less willing to create a media spectacle like those we’re seeing in other countries because many millions of people were focused on New Zealand because of the RWC...

I'm hopeful that the real reason is that Police have decided to take a moderate approach and adhere to their mandate to ensure public safety.

There’s a huge amount of passion from within the Occupy movement and a lot of hate directed at these brave people for their beliefs and willingness to stand up for change.

That hate reared its ugly head last night with one individual taking particular exception to people camping in a public space. I’m not sure what his name is but let’s just calls him the redneck to keep things accurate.

The redneck went about verbally insulting the peaceful protestors, damaging their private property and then physical assaulting one Occupy Dunedin protestor. Here’s the video:

Thankfully the Police were close at hand to ensure the safety of the public and the violent redneck was led away and arrested.

Being that I am also a well-dressed white male, I feel highly offended that this individual has given the rest of us a bad name. Clearly not all well dressed white males are abusive and violent and I would just like to do some damage control and assure people that they can continue to trust most well dressed men despite a small minority acting like assholes!