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15 Nov 2011

John Key... a history of lying

In the wake off one of New Zealands biggest disasters, that has been estimated to potentially cost the country around 30 billion, was it OK to buy a fleet of fancy new luxury cars?

And was it OK to lie to the public about the process used to get them?

On February 16, TVNZ reported:
Key says it's too late to send them back at any rate. 
"Those cars are going to turn up in New Zealand," he said, adding that to stop that now would incur high costs. 
Internal Affairs, however, has confirmed to ONE News that replacing the fleet was actually "optional", with no penalty for ending the contract.

Sure, if the economy was doing well, we had lots of money to spare and there wasn't a huge redevelopment of Christchurch needed, one might consider buying a brand spanking new fleet of BMW's with all the trimmings.

But our economy wasn't looking too great was it and we'd just had one of New Zealand's biggest ever disasters.

Wouldn't it have been better to break the contract? Being that there were no penalties. It's really all about priorities.