Keys Impoverished Excuses | The Jackal

7 Nov 2011

Keys Impoverished Excuses

In the video below, John Key makes a number of excuses for why child poverty has increased under National including an inference that the Greens insulation scheme has somehow absolved National from their track record.

John Key says that the 200,000 New Zealand children estimated to be currently living in poverty is not a perfect measurement... but he's not even seen the research these figures are based on. The PM clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.

Despite this lack of information, Key continues to make the excuse that poverty in New Zealand is not the same as poverty in other countries. This is not the point, as our government has little to no control over other countries. It is the social policy or lack thereof in New Zealand that we're concerned with.

John Key is just passing the buck, which isn't in any way shape or form a plan to resolve New Zealand's terrible child poverty statistics. Instead of doing something about child poverty rates, Key is talking a load of crap and trying to spin Nationals failure to their advantage.

Move people off welfare and into work... where are the jobs John?
200,000 New Zealand children living in poverty have assessed the last three years... they know National has utterly failed.