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30 Apr 2012

What will crush-less Collins do?

Today, stuff.co.nz reported:

A recording of a critical meeting between senior ACC managers and the whistleblower who exposed a massive privacy breach reveals the corporation misled its minister and the public.

The corporation has alleged that client Bronwyn Pullar threatened at the meeting to go to the media unless she was given a guaranteed two-year benefit.

It also alleged she said that she would withhold details of the breach involving private details of 6500 other clients – including sexual abuse victims – if her demands were not met.

Once details of the privacy breach were revealed by The Dominion Post, the ACC referred its extortion allegations against Ms Pullar to police.

However, a recording of a key meeting in December between Ms Pullar, her support person Michelle Boag – a senior National Party figure – and two ACC managers is at odds with the corporation's claims that were included in a report ordered by ACC Minister Judith Collins.

The ACC was given a transcript of the meeting more than three weeks ago, but has refused to correct its report.

Ms Pullar said it was outrageous that, having been provided with the recording, the corporation was refusing to correct a "blatant lie" on a public report.

Before publishing the report, the corporation did not ask Ms Pullar or former National Party president Ms Boag for their account of what was said at the meeting. ACC also complained to police about the alleged extortion threat before completing its report.

Will ACC minister Judith Collins investigate the obvious defamation of Bronwyn Pullar by ACC?

Considering she is so het up about a few comments made by Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little about leaked documents, it would be highly hypocritical if she didn't look into ACC lying to the police to bully a claimant. If Collins has any competence as a minister, we should see heads roll.

I also wonder if those who lambasted Bronwyn Pullar and Michele Boag for apparently trying to blackmail ACC are going to wake up to the smell of their own bullshit? Here's an example:

If I were the Police investigating this case I would be serving warrants on Bronwyn Pullar and also Michelle Boag to grab their computers. Since Boag has worked very closely with Pullar it is possible that they used the same type of malicious code to try and set up Judith Collins.

It was sad to see John Banks try to manufacture a split within the Labour caucus on Q+A yesterday... He's obviously been reading too much of Cameron Slaters waffling! The real factional split that will be leading the news tonight is the one in National... They must be in crisis mode.