Another broken pre-election promise | The Jackal

26 Apr 2012

Another broken pre-election promise

Today, TVNZ reported:

The Green Party says figures released today showing a $1 billion worsening of Budget forecasts for 2014/15 is a "damning indictment" on the Government's economic management.

Finance Minister Bill English today revealed the Crown's operating balance was in track for a deficit of $640 million in 2014/15 instead of the $370m surplus forecast in the Budget Policy Statement.

Bill English would have known before the last election that National weren't going to get New Zealand back in the black by 2014/15. It was simply pre-election propaganda.

Despite the new information showing National's economical bungling, their website still reports:

Halve the Budget deficit next year, and be back in surplus in 2014/15.

National's laissez faire free-market policies are doing nothing to get New Zealand out of our financial hole.... in fact they're determined to dig us further into debt so that they have an excuse to sell our assets. What a bunch of cretins!