Romney is a joke | The Jackal

23 Apr 2012

Romney is a joke

It's been slightly amusing to watch the train wreck that has been the Republican nomination process, which has picked Mitt bloody Romney of all people as their best chance to beat Obama. Are they insane?

The endless news coverage in New Zealand did nothing to change my opinion that the United States' political system is badly broken. It's a circus orchestrated by big business, and has very little concern for the people.

Romney's main goals will be to lower taxes for the wealthy and promote the interests of big business with further warmongering and increased dependance on oil. Romney will basically try to keep the status quo from changing, because he's a part of the 1% that doesn't want progress.

It's little wonder then that Barack Obama's so-called Truth Team has decided to make fun of the opposition. What else can they do when presented with such vast amounts of material that shows Mitt Romney to a complete joke! Here's their latest video: