Christchurch declared frack free zone | The Jackal

13 Apr 2012

Christchurch declared frack free zone

Yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

Christchurch City Council has voted unanimously to declare Christchurch a fracking-free zone.

Excellent! My estimation of Bob Parker has increased dramatically. Not only has he been proactive with informing his council about fracking, Parker is willing to take the ensuing pressure from central government, which is currently being run by a bunch of pro-fracking idiots! But there's even more good news:

The council also decided to call on the country's other territorial/local authorities and regional councils to declare their areas fracking-free. Christchurch City Council will discuss the issue with Environment Canterbury.

Fantastic! Being that there is ample evidence to show that fracking is dangerous and has already caused environmental damage in New Zealand, we're likely to see more councils declare their areas frack free as well.

Councils that don't will be hard pressed to find any reasons for their environmentally negligent decision.