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13 Apr 2012

Hoping for a trifecta

Back in January, TrueBlue reported:

Just too busy and too stretched to blog right now. Thanks to all who have emailed asking why, and I assure you my health is fine. I just have far too much work to do in far too short a time and I just have to drop blogging for the time being.

Then in March, Oswald Bastable ranted:

I need a break from this - I have too much drama going on right now. I will be back in the future - but first, I have a long overdue book to finish writing. I'm still watching, reading the good blogs and sending shit-eating leftard rimjaws to the trash bin!

So that's a couple of the most lunatic rightwing bloggers out of the picture... who will be the third?

I'm hoping it will be the racist CrusaderRabbit or the completely insane RedBaiter. Who knows, it could even be Cameron Slater.

Slater has been making a right dick of himself lately. However he obviously doesn't have an ounce of self-respect to be carrying on like that in the first place... so I doubt he's going to jump without somebody giving him a really good push.