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18 Apr 2012

Police brutality in Glenn Innes

Today, tangatawhenua.com reported:

Police are being accused of brutality Glen Innes, Auckland while protesters have been reportedly beaten and the Mana Movement’s co-vice president and activist, John Minto has been beaten and arrested. Eye witnesses at the evictions called it a “massacre” by the police. Those who were there trying to stop the evictions were protesting the removal of Housing NZ homes where whanau have lived (some) for over 60 years.

Terrible! Not only have the Police used excessive force to disband a peaceful protest, they have obviously singled out John Minto because of his activism. Eye witness Joe Carolen reports:

"3 cops pulled John Minto out of the human chain, they dragged him to the sidewalk, slammed him into the ground, twisted his arms way up behind his back, and handcuffed him hard."

Another eyewitness named Doug Robertson reported that his son and daughter were both arrested and that they had informed him that the Police had badly cut John Mintos' hand with handcuffs during the arrest.

In the mayhem, an elderly lady was pushed to the ground by the Police where she experienced a seizure. The Police stopped people from attending to her, which is completely unacceptable.

Video courtesy of Socialist Aotearoa

The incident that received absolutely no mainstream reporting has occurred because the National government wants the land for their rich developer mates. They are not concerned with the welfare of the people and have used the police as state enforcers in a most despicable act of brutality. Fore shame!