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13 Apr 2012

Slaters leaking backfires

Yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

The Council of Trade Unions says the Ports of Auckland has admitted leaking personal details about an employee who spoke out against the port.


Ms Kelly said the letter does not name who was responsible for the leak, but it did state the leak was a response to Mr Walker speaking out publicly against the port.

"They acknowledge they released it. They explain, in their terms, why they released it, and regardless of the fact they clearly agree that it probably breached the Privacy Act, that's implied in the letter. But they don't go on to say that they change, in fact they go on to say that they reserve the right to do it again."

There really wasn't anywhere else that the detailed private information about Cecil Walker could have come from, and in releasing it, PoAL management have scored a very significant own goal. They've also shown everybody what cretins they really are.

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Senior Ports of Auckland staff will "have to go" if they had anything to do with leaking personal details about an employee, a senior council source says.

Mayor Len Brown is deeply concerned about an admission by the ports company that it leaked the confidential employment records of wharfie Cecil Walker to a right-wing blog site.

In a strongly worded statement issued from China, where he is leading a trade delegation, Mr Brown said: "I would be very concerned about any illegal breach of privacy laws in any company owned by Auckland Council, and it is certainly not something I would tolerate.

"It is important we await the outcome of the Privacy Commissioner's investigation before any action is taken."

Yesterday, a senior council source said if the commissioner found that any senior staff or board members were involved in leaking personal information, they would "have to go".

"You can't break the law of the land," the source said.

Well it's about time the Auckland Council stepped up to the plate and tried to sort the mess that PoAL mismanagement has caused. Whether this is all talk or not is yet to be seen, but at least they're making the right noises.

Yesterday, the company refused to answer questions from the Herald about whether any senior staff or board members authorised the leak.

Nor would the company say if any action had been taken against those responsible.

Of course they refused to answer, their jobs are on the line. What a bunch of arrogant overpaid bastards PoAL's senior management is.

Even though they've dropped Slater right in it, he's still refusing to say exactly whom the email tip-off came from. I'm expecting the Privacy Commissioner to rule against the sewer known as whailoil as well as PoAL's senior management. Good job!

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