Fracking fuzzy logic | The Jackal

3 Apr 2012

Fracking fuzzy logic

Today, David Farrar at Kiwibog reports:

Here’s the challenge for the Greens, if they want to be taken seriously on this issue. If the PCE inquiry finds no reason to ban fracking, will the Greens change their policy of wanting a moratorium?

Further can the Greens point to any data or factors which would ever cause them to change their stance on fracking?

As far as I can tell they would only stop opposing fracking if it is proven to be totally safe. Now of course it is absolutely impossible to prove something is totally safe.

The only reason the PCE inquiry would find that there is no reason for a moratorium on fracking is if it disregards the documented evidence that shows fracking is environmentally damaging.

The Greens should stick to their guns no-matter what the outcome of the report because they are right to oppose fracking.

National simply think that the economical benefit outweighs the ecological damage. It is not impossible to prove something is safe, but the fact of the matter is that fracking has been proven to be unsafe, hence it being banned in many countries around the world.

Of course the bogs in-house trolls are lapping up Farrars' fuzzy logic.