Occupy Movement is not Anti-Semitic | The Jackal

25 Oct 2011

Occupy Movement is not Anti-Semitic

I’ve read a few articles recently that have claimed the Occupy protests are Anti-Semitic. At first I just dismissed these claims, but after the number of reports grew, I decided to take a closer look.

There is no question that the messages from those taking part in the Worldwide Occupy movement are broad, however there is no racist undertone.

As with any group, there are a few misinformed people, but divisive claims of widespread Anti-Semitism are false and designed to turn people against the revolution in a most sinister way.

Accusing people of being a Semite or Anti-Semite is an old tactic that has been used effectively throughout the ages, with disastrous consequences. The ruse relies on people's prejudices and works to create division within the population where a division does not naturally exist.

The political connotation to this divisiveness could not be better highlighted than in the video below. Check out the agent provocateurs:

The fact that the right-winger’s have started to use such a despicable tactic to try and weaken the Occupy movement clearly shows that they're frightened and desperate. That's because social media is usurping their normal propaganda tools and their lies are glaringly obvious.

Government’s that choose to use violence to try and quell the uprising are experiencing a backlash from the general public, which will only function to strengthen the movement.

If the authorities want the Occupy protesters to disband, the only choice they have is to change the system... otherwise the people will simply get stronger and eventually choke the corrupted Capitalist monster to death.