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5 Oct 2011

Dene MacKenzie Biased

I happened to read an article today entitled Key Nats' ace; Goff sidelined, published on the Otago Daily Times website. The fictional piece is so obviously a beat up that I'm surprised it reached publication.

Not only does the article written by a Dene MacKenzie provide incorrect information, it is so biased that I will be making a complaint concerning its lack of factual information.

The idiotic reporter writes:
Labour has been criticised by some bloggers for ignoring Mr Goff in their hoardings.
I happen to read a fair amount of the New Zealand blog's and have not seen one blogger criticizing Labour for the fact that Phil Goff is not plastered all over their hoardings. A quick Google search doesn't turn up much either... Just a couple of blogs by Cameron Slater and David Farrar written about the stupid ODT article, which goes on to say:
The MPs believe Mr Goff will hamper their campaigning and want to put as much distance as possible between him and themselves during the campaign.

Some of the MPs believe Mr Goff will announce his resignation on election night, leading to the real election for Labour taking place on Sunday, when a new leader will need to be identified.
Really! I would be interested in any actual information that shows any Labour MP saying they want to distance themselves from Phil Goff, or that he intends to resign on election night? That kind of reporting holds about as much water as Cameron Slater's claims that Labour MP's ring him daily to tell him all their secrets. Whoever this Dene MacKenzie is, he appears to be a whack job!

There is of course Clare Curran's Red Alert article Crossing the line that was also written today:
The National Party’s election strategy is based around John Key’s popularity. Brand Key. All its election hoardings bear his picture. Activists and candidates wear t-shirts with “I’m a Key person” on them.
What all of this clearly shows is that the right wing are making shit up... but what else is new?