National opens with Bullshit | The Jackal

29 Oct 2011

National opens with Bullshit

I thought it was pretty disgusting to see John Key spout rhetoric in his opening address for the 2011 election last night… particularly because he blatantly and obviously bullshitted his head off.

John Keys spin was in overdrive to try and appease the masses with sickly propaganda. He oozed fake sincerity like the career politician that he is. In fact the whole address was a litany of lies from a snake oil salesman. Yuck:

Let’s highlight just a couple of John Keys contradictions:
Key says that we need to make sure New Zealander’s have jobs and hopefully the highest paid jobs.
However National has increased unemployment by over 49,000 and propose to lower the youth wage to only $10.50 per hour.

Nationals rise in GST has meant an increase in the cost of living that has not been matched by wage increases. This has disproportionately impacted the low or non-waged and has increased inequality and hardship.

National has even argued that our low waged economy is good because they think it increases foreign investment. FFS!

The fact of the matter is that National likes high unemployment because it keeps wages low… it’s as simple as that.

John Key says National is focused on getting back into surplus and we can’t continue to borrow.
However in June this year it was revealed that Bill English was borrowing an additional $100 million per week when it was not required.

National has increased the government’s net debt from zero when they gained power in 2008 to $38 billion in less than three years. This is set to double by 2013 while John Key says National will magically cut it in half.

National will not reduce the huge debt they've created by privatizing our SOE's. They have no plan for New Zealand and have failed as a government. National's free market idealism has been downgraded.

Whoever you vote for... don't vote for John Key.