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29 Oct 2011

Hekia Parata - Asshole of the Week Award

Not only did we have to put up with Hekia Parata's bold faced lies that New Zealand had the resources and manpower to deal with an oil spill the size of Deepwater Horizon… we now have to put up with oil and dead animals washing up all over our beaches precisely because she was lying.

Hekia Parata is a face lifted bitch that wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit her on her rather large and saggy posterior.

Parata’s lies are going to cost this country millions if not billions of dollars.

Our clean and green image is in tatters while Parata continues to bleat on about how great deep sea oil drilling is. Instead of waking up to reality, the cow totally ignores the wishes of the vast majority of New Zealanders who think drilling for oil in deep waters without any proper oil spill response capabilities is madness.

Parata said she’d consulted with local East coast Iwi concerning deep-water oil drilling in their ancestral waters when she had not. Her corrupt governance wastes public money on illegal Police surveillance of environmentalists to benefit her oily masters.
The Associate and Acting Minister of Energy and Resources has provided false figures to the public concerning the social benefit of the oil and gas industry when most of the profits go offshore. The vast majority of the workers are foreigners and there is very little benefit to New Zealand while we carry the burden when something goes wrong.

Thanks to National the maximum fines able to be imposed on companies that cause environmental disasters are pathetically woeful. Parata was repeatedly warned of this fact prior to the Rena disaster, but chose to do nothing.

The Dynasty queen grand stands about the Maui gas leak like it’s just another photo op while businesses are losing millions of dollars… all because National once again failed to ensure the infrastructure was properly maintained. Infrastructure that was not built by Kiwis I might ad.

Here she is misleading the House of Representatives with her lies:

So for being a fashion disaster, repeated and blatant lies concerning New Zealand’s oil spill response capabilities and being a kupapa… Hekia Parata is this weeks Asshole Award winner... it’s about time.