Burger King's got gas | The Jackal

28 Oct 2011

Burger King's got gas

Burger King has been given the green light to reopen and start serving its valuable customers after many businesses had to close on Tuesday because of the Maui gas pipeline leak.

Vector was first notified about a possible gas leak at Pukearuhe last Friday, however the gas pipeline has been leaking for an unknown amount of time.

Despite many claims of workers and animal rights abuses and the phasing out of Burger King at Nato's bases in Afghanistan last year, the American multinational company was given first dibs at starting up its gas fired cookers yesterday, ahead of many New Zealand owned businesses. Voxy reports:
 "Nova gave us permission to re-open earlier today on a restricted basis, meaning our staff could fire up the grills in time for dinner tonight."

"To produce Burger King's unique flame-grilled taste we rely on gas to power our open flame cookers. This has meant the Maui pipeline leak has impacted our business more strongly than some,” Burger King spokesperson, Rachael Allison said.
Good to see that the authorities have got their priorities right. The 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey found that one in three adults were overweight (36.3%) and one in four obese (26.5%). One in five children aged 2 to 14 years were overweight (20.9%) and one in twelve was obese (8.3%).

A king-sized order of Burger King’s fries packs 590 calories and 30 grams of fat and a king-sized Burger King meal, (Double Whopper with cheese, large fries and large drink) contains 1,800 calories (mostly derived from fat and refined sugar). To ‘burn’ these calories would take nearly 6 hours of cycling (at 20 miles per hour).