Teapot tape debacle | The Jackal

21 Nov 2011

Teapot tape debacle

John Key meeting John Banks for a cup of tea in Epsom on the 11th November 2011 was meant to be an endorsement of the Act party.

However the next day knowledge of the teapot tape emerged. John Key and Steven Joyce said it was ‘News of the World tactics’ when learning of the tapes existence.
Then on the 14th November, John Key laid a Police complaint after he learns 3 News has the tape. He hints that the tape contains talk of replacing Brash and ’restructuring’ Act.     

The next day Key made a distasteful suicide comment. NOTW lawyer calls Key’s comments “cheap shot”.
Then on the 16th, Key loses his cool and storms out of press conference.

John Banks’ has a disastrous interview with Gower.

Winston Peters dominates minor leaders’ debate and slams Key.

The next day families of suicide victims spoke out against Key’s comparison. He stupidly repeats it.

Police say they will execute search warrants on the media.

John Key then says it’s OK to waste Police time on his complaint because they have “spare time”.

Winston Peters then hints at more of the tape’s contents. Key refuses to engage with question of whether he talked about winning “unbridled power.”
On the 18th November, Police refute Key’s statement about lazy cops.

Victims of crime then spoke out against John Keys comments.

The International Federation of Journalists condemns Key and a court date is set to determine whether the conversation was private.

Bradley Ambrose, the cameraman at the centre of the controversy, is demanding an apology from John Key or he’ll take the PM to court for defamation. Yesterday, John Key refused to apologize.

A court date has been set for this Tuesday to see whether the tape is indeed private.