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15 Nov 2011

Radiation release unaccounted for

On 11 November the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported higher than usual levels of iodine-131 had been measured in the atmosphere over the Czech Republic and the rest of the continent.

Higher than normal levels of radiation have been detected in the air in several parts of Europe, but officials said they don’t believe the public is at risk. 
The International Atomic Energy Agency said in a statement Friday that “very low levels of Iodine-131” have been found in the atmosphere, the Associated Press reported. 
The radiation has been detected in the Czech Republic and in other parts of the continent. 
The IAEA said the cause of the radiation is unknown, but the increase in normal levels does not appear related to Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, which showered the globe in radiation in March. 
The EPA said Iodine-131 can get into the environment after leaking from cracked fuel rods in nuclear plants. But the radioisotope will lose much of its radiation in roughly eight days.

The radiation is apparently not from Fukushima and the Czech Republic is adamant that none of their reactors have released radiation that would account for the higher levels of Iodine 131 in the atmosphere.

So where the hell did the radiation come from?

This just shows how lax regulations and oversight is within the nuclear industry. They can't even tell where the radiation was released from.