Questioning Bill English | The Jackal

18 Nov 2011

Questioning Bill English

Over the last couple of days I've been asking a few questions of Bill English through his website which states:
Ask me a question! 
Ask me anything about finance, infrastructure, being the deputy Prime Minister or the MP for Clutha, Southland. I will periodically answer questions by video.
Here's a few of the questions Bill English has chosen not to answer:

Now that treasury has said that raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour will not increase unemployment, does National intend to increase the minimum wage to help reduce poverty and inequality in New Zealand?
Can you ensure that increased farming irrigation will not damage New Zealand's environment further through pollution and will that include toughening regulations on intensive farming practices?
When you found out that there was a potential credit downgrade, why didn't you reduce the borrowing regime that was seeing the government borrow $100 million per week that was not required?
Why does National continue to blame the Christchurch earthquakes and the global recession for New Zealand's stagnant economy when these factors are only half the problem?

He's now blocked me from asking questions on his site. What a coward.