Post election rant | The Jackal

29 Nov 2011

Post election rant

In the last few weeks of the election it appeared that the mainstream media started doing its job properly instead of the almost total biased reporting we've had to endure in New Zealand over the last decade.

However it's hard to say if Duncan Garners relentless teapot tape coverage was simply a red hearing to take the focus off what really matters... asset sales and the environment. It certainly didn't let Phil Goff get much airtime, with the biased polling also giving an advantage to the right.

Perhaps the fact that John Key called the cops on the media to suppress his little talk with Banks got them a bit motivated... but it's unclear whether the media was simply playing the public by not releasing the tape when they had legal advice that said they could. Some things just don't add up.

National lost nearly 100,000 votes from the last election and have only 35.4% of eligible votes... with the specials unaccounted for. It seems very strange to me that we have had such a low turnout when most of the election campaigns were well run and the stakes are so high. Surely New Zealander's aren't so apathetic as to let National sell off their future for a few peanuts?

All the while the right continue to profess their ignorant rhetoric like it's a mantra that will stop National taking even more taxes from them and distributing it to their already wealthy mates... a position that most right wing supporters will never attain.

Throughout the campaign the right wing New Zealand bloggers have used juvenile insults that are completely meaningless! What they fail to understand is that New Zealands assets are going to be purchased by gloating right wing politicians and then funneled off shore... never to be seen again. The right wings insults make their hollow victory even more pathetic!