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4 Nov 2011

National's Epic Fail

Today TV3 Firstline reported that a Victoria and Otago Universities study found that the government has missed opportunities to reduce carbon emissions over the last three years… and their plans to protect the environment have been vague.

Despite National having some intelligent people working in their organization, they often fail to comprehend even the simplest of facts: human beings cannot survive without a healthy natural environment to sustain them. To think otherwise is clearly delusional!

Here's what the researchers revealed:

“What we’ve seen in this analysis of the last three years is wasted opportunities to make critical progress to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions,” said lead researcher, Associate Professor Nick Wilson.

“Instead, what has happened are public relations, watered-down policy, and media releases with ‘aspirational’ goals which are unlikely to result in a major reduction in New Zealand’s climate-damaging emissions,” said Prof Wilson.

National’s delusion is evident with their plans to ultimately remove the ETS altogether, thus ensuring that farmers are not help to account for their excessive pollution, which has already severely damaged many of our irreplaceable waterways in New Zealand.

To make matters worse the Minister for the Environment, Nick Smith initiated a carbon credits regime that rewards industries for increasing their emission levels. This inconceivably stupid decision was to placate National's capitalist industrial buddies and discredit the ETS scheme through mismanagement.

Here's some of Nick Smith's spin from last month:

First, let me set the scene.

Resource management law matters to New Zealand a great deal. We, more than any other OECD country, depend on the effective management of our natural resources for our economic well being.

Being clean and green is part of our brand, part of our national identity. We need to do it well.

I’m not shy about saying there is much about our environment and how we manage it that is good. I do get a bit cross when people jump at the opportunity to bag it unfairly as we saw last week over the false air quality data.

But I’m also keen that we have an honest conversation about where we don’t match up and where we need to improve.

National want to acquire New Zealand’s vast water resources for private ownership. They wish to ensure that industry is not charged properly and fairly for the use of our water and that any privatization includes our water resources.

The National Government pretends to care about the environment to placate the people… but they have no real concern for our clean and green image, as they believe there’s more money to be made through polluting enterprises.

The reason for their stupidity is that Capitalist’s think that they can exist without the natural world, and actively destroy the environment for profit. They believe that their actions in one country will not affect them in a different country… showing their complete lack of empathy for and understanding of the natural world. They are simply divorced from reality.

Climate change deniers think they are separate and can therefore pollute with impunity. They act as if there is another earth we can all move to… what a bunch of idiots!