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16 Nov 2011

Keys hit and run

Yesterday, John Key launched the National party campaign bus. It wasn't without it's problems though, with the driver crashing into a parked car before they even left the parking lot properly.

How do you like that? National's campaign bus can drive into a parked car... and they just say that the dent was there already. They then get the Police to break into the parked car to shift it out of the way, even though it wasn't illegally parked... then they just drive off.

Stuff reports:
At the first corner on the way out of the carpark, however, there was a loud crunch and the bus came to a stop. 
Two cars blocking the way out made the turn too tight and the bus was stalled on a kerb. 
A dent was visible on one of the cars, but the consensus seemed to be that it had not been caused by the bus. 
The cars were broken into by police and shifted to allow the bus to pass.

If that was my car, I would be spewing!

Perhaps National should start by drug testing their bus driver.  It's a similar sentiment shared by Mana Party leader Hone Harawira who called for the National Cabinet to be tested for drugs and alcohol.

The NZ Herald reports:
"With due respect to beneficiaries an alcohol or drug impaired minister is in a position to do a lot more serious damage than a beneficiary smoking a joint,'' Mr Harawira said. 
"Yet Mr Key would see attacking beneficiaries as his priority. It just shows how desperate he is becoming to drum up redneck support. 
"But to use beneficiaries who are already under huge pressure as a `whipping boy' shows how low he is prepared to go in his attempt to hang onto power.''

Not a good look for National during an election campaign.